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Business Women of the Okanagan

Kelowna Daily Courier

A career in real estate is a noble profession which can bring great long-term career satisfaction.

It also comes with risk and reward! If you are exploring career options, a second career or part-time work while you raise children, here are some considerations to help you determine whether it's the right career path for you.

Real Estate agents enjoy unlimited income potential, financial independence, a good work-life balance and flexibility in their schedules. If you are self-motivated, hardworking and enjoy networking and helping people, becoming a real estate agent can be a rewarding choice.

Some of the most successful real estate agents I know are women. Women often have a greater level of empathy, are sensitive and patient towards client needs. They are typically good at balancing work and family, good multi-taskers and problem solvers which is key in real estate.
Becoming a real estate agent is more challenging than most people think. There is uncertainty around income and consistent earnings. A decline in the real estate market can make it a stressful and risky occupation. Building any successful business requires planning, patience, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Real estate agents who succeed, exercise strong business development capabilities. Those who fail in their first year, are primarily not working at it full-time and expect immediate results. Having a strong work ethic and receiving good support and training is critical to a Realtors confidence and success. Exercising self-discipline, determination and implementing structure to one's workday, will help keep a new real estate agent on track and be productive.

If you decide to get your real estate license, make sure you explore several brokerages and align with one that offers strong support, systems and training to set yourself up for success. Surrounding yourself with a positive culture and career real estate professionals will afford you valuable mentorship opportunities and a long-term supportive network.

If the idea of building your own business and helping make people's dreams come true excites you, then working as a real estate professional could be your calling! If you'd like to explore whether you have what it takes to be a successful real estate agent, email or call 250-864-6064 to learn more.

Anna Carbone | Managing Partner/Owner of CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.

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