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Welcome to Kettle Valley! Accessed via Chute Lake Road and surrounded by scenic mountain ranges, Kettle Valley is an award-winning, master-planned community. Like many neighbourhoods in Kelowna, Kettle Valley boasts hiking and biking trails and ample green spaces. It’s access to the back-country makes it a perfect spot for those who enjoy winter sports. 

Real estate in Kettle Valley consists of single-family homes, townhomes, and stunning luxury estates with stunning views of Lake Okanagan and the valley. With newer homes and newer schools in the area, Kettle Valley is a popular neighbourhood for families or those looking for a quieter way-of-life without being too far from the city centre. Check out all of our current Kettle Valley listings below. 

BC's Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Hiking or biking the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is an amazing way to travel through the Okanagan's nature spots and learn the history of British Columbia. Kettle Valley Railway originally opened in 1915. Read more about this historical trail!

Kettle Valley's History: Today

The Village of Kettle Valley was founded nearly 20 years ago. Residents had grand visions of creating a unique and close community in an up-and-coming city.

Kelowna's Iconic Community

Kettle Valley, Kelowna continues to speak to those looking to redefine their life – to “live differently.” Living in a neighborhood with traditional, small-town charm that’s been re-invented to perfectly suit contemporary homeowners.